• Gigolo Derek London has an open mind, a great sense of humor, is sensitive and loves t oconnect with you. Since his childhood Derek has been traveling quite a lot in different countries worldwide which made him passionate about traveling, discovering new cultures and meeting new people. Being a musician he's passionated of music in general, for Derek each moment has an appropriate type of music which fits the atmosphere. Gigolo Derek has many interests like sports, nature, skying, sailing, cycling, diving and many more. He certainly lives and enjoys his life to the fullest! Derek is available for ladies and couples.
  • Being an incredibly adventurous guy, male escort and model Brent is always looking for challenges. It excites him to try and do things he hasn’t done before whether that be something culturally, spiritually, or anything else. Brent thoroughly enjoys conversing and socializing with friends and new people. He’s always interested in people and a good listener. Gigolo Brent is an affectionate and romantic person, compassionate, and he tends to express his emotions. Above all Brent loves to have fun, laugh, and enjoy life! Male escort Brent is only available for women. Please ask for more pictures!
  • Male escort Rico London is a true and charming Italian gentleman, blessed with a good sense of humor. Rico is very social, sensitive, always positive and loves to make people laugh. His profession is personal trainer and his passions are dancing and modeling. High class gigolo Rico is always looking for a close connection with a lady and has a good sense of understanding her desires. This lively and adventurous male escort is open for flirtation, and setting the right mood together with you! Male escort Rico is only available for ladies.
  • High class male escort Alan Washington D.C. is a non-judgmental sensualist, lover of ancient indigenous civilizations, artist, and a deep thinker with a fervent love for human rights & justice. An attractive black male escort, masculine, discrete, educated, cultured and above all a respectful gentleman. Alan is skilled in multiple sensual healing techniques, from sensual massage to bondage that will make your body quiver with delight. Rock-hard abs, firm rear and strong hands. Touch can be deeply intense. The world’s first and only straight male escort who is also a Certified Bondassage Practitioner catering exclusively to ladies. This remarkable man is a formally trained chef in the U.S. military and connoisseur of vegetarian cuisine. More pictures on request. Male escort Alan is available for ladies and couples worldwide.
  • Sexy VIP male escort Logan has an international modeling career and therefore he’s frequently in Paris and in New York. Logan is a sensitive and attentive guy, for him there’s nothing better than creating a nice atmosphere and causing a smile on your face. Straight male escort Logan loves music, he sings and plays the guitar and piano. With his great looks and charming personality male companion Logan definitely is a very sexy and seductive guy, but he’s also in for a good conversation, a dinner date or a night in a club or visiting an event. More pictures on demand. Please inquire for his availability! Logan is only available for women worldwide. Texte d'introduction en Francais: Je suis Gigolo Logan, Français. J’ai appris l’anglais il y a 4 ans lorsque j’ai commencé le mannequinat, et je n’ai fait que voyagé pendant les dernières années. Je suis en ce moment sur Paris et j’ai la possibilité de voyager où tu souhaites. Je suis rarement sans ma guitare, et ce serait un plaisir pour moi de te jouer ta musique préférée ou bien même t’apprendre comment jouer. J’aime m’accompagner au piano lorsque je chante. Il n’y a rien de plus attirant que le sourire d’une femme, et je ferai tout pour le déclencher. Apprenons à nous connaître. Je te promets des conversations intéressantes, ou bien se prélasser devant un film si tu es d’une humeur à rester au chaud, ou une soirée en ville dans ton restaurant/bar préféré. A bientôt!
  • High class male escort Noel has a level of maturity and experience, that allows him to adapt and act according to any situation and to display appropriate elegance and class. For this reason  Noel offers an excellent service for ladies with high standards in matters of style and behavior. Due to his experience as an actor and model he’s able to portray any desired character and dress according to any event, such as an elegant evening at the opera, a casual excursion into nature, a pleasant and relaxed evening at a restaurant or a sensual evening at the hotel room. Furthermore Noel is a native speaker in all of the following languages: English, Spanish and German, and he speaks French basically.

    Relaxation massages

    High class gigolo Noel will also be delighted to amuse with his cookeries and to offer relaxation massages to go along with his sporty and masculine physique. He likes to care about the scent of a woman and values the expression of eyes and hands. Noel is considered to be very sensitive and empathetic and he’s looking forward to meeting you! Male escort Noel is available for ladies and couples, in Paris and worldwide. We will be happy to send you more pictures through Whatsapp +316 54 686 473 or E-Mail [email protected]
  • Elite male escort Alain is currently based in Barcelona, but often travelling around the world. Male escort Alain is graduated on a top French engineering school, and became an international model, actor and film director. He loves literature, art, museums, cinema of course, opera, good wine, and traveling. This high class straight male escort is a very active, charming and charismatic man. He has lived in Singapore, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Paris, New York, Miami, Hamburg, Athens and many more. Male escort Alain loves to focus on you, listen, and have a good converstation. He's always positive and smiling, a superb companion and an experienced seducer. With Alain you will definitely feel comfortable and safe and have a great time! High class male escort Alain is available for ladies and couples, in Barcelona, Ibiza, New York and worldwide. Please inquire! More pictures on request, we will be happy to send you more pictures through Whatsapp or Email.
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  • High class gigolo Ibiza Jermaine has 7 years of experience in male escort worldwide, with ladies and couples. Gigolo Jermaine is a very lively, highly motivated and nice guy with lots of humor. His passion is personal development and therefore this cultivated, respectful and attentive companion quickly adjusts to every situation or setting. You will quickly feel confident with Jermaine and have a great and unforgettable experience! High class gigolo Jermaine is available for ladies and couples, on Ibiza and worldwide.