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Male escorts with style are quite rare but we are proud to offer you the services of some excellent gigolo’s in London, Liverpool, Manchester and other cities. Millions of women and couples come to a point in their lives where they consider a male escort to join them for an evening or for a couple of hours. And that’s where the difficulty starts: where and how to find a reliable and respectful escort man, nice and good looking, who will understand his role and be discrete at all times? How to be sure of this guy..? We acknowledge these needs. We are specialized to find the best male escorts for you. This is our full time profession, since 2009. Our gigolo’s are available for you 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

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Our High Class male escorts do have the proper qualities. Every year thousands of men apply at our Gigolo Services to become callboy, and they often believe they are suitable. However we know what it takes and select very strictly. Only the best of the best are invited to join us, including our training and coaching. As a result of these very substantial efforts we are proud to offer you only male escorts with the proper qualities. Empathetic Callboys with the right looks and attitude. No waste of money or disappointments, we will guarantee you a successful booking!

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Our VIP Male Companions accomodate you, as a highly rated client, with full attention and care. You will notice that during your date and you will be able to completely surrender to your desires. To feel comfortable and relaxt is where a superb gigolo experience starts. Our VIP Male Companions offer you the actual boy friend experience, thoughtful and with excitement. Just go for it, experience genuine personal attention and enjoy!

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