We had a great time. Nick is charming, made it easy to feel comfortable and sex was hot. Thanks. I’ll leave a review on the website. S.



Hi , Testimonial for you reference. Nick was wonderful.

We are couple from Asia, this trip in Amsterdam searched and found TMC, so we called for Nick to service us and it was our first time to do something crazy in our life (over 20 yrs relationship) …,my wife is very happy until now, almost after 10 days.

Nick is a great gentleman and very patient (my wife cannot speak english well…)  He started massage first;  then I just sit besides to watched them what happened…… my wife turned crazy as I have never seen;)  she was very very very enjoyable on that night.

Thank you Nick again. A.



Hi! I never got a chance to tell you what a wonderful time you helped us put together with Nick and Jasmine!! Thank you so much!!

We will transfer tips to everyone tomorrow. We’re back in the US now making the long drive home from the airport – I know I’ll be exhausted by the time I get there! I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who will be interested in your services! H.



Hello again, Gisèle and Erwin, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long, but I’ve been a bit busy since I came back home.

My experience with Nick was truly incredible. I contacted Gisèle and Erwin because I was looking to lose my virginity. Being a 25-year-old without any sexual experience,I thought that hiring an escort would be my safest bet. I do know virginity is a horrible social construct but the thought of being intimate with someone I was interested in and the fear of being rejected because of it terrified me. I couldn’t even be upfront when I fancied someone. I explained my situation to Gisèle and Erwin and they reassured me that there wasn’t anything weird about it and recommended me some escorts. Nick caught my attention immediately. I didn’t tell him during our date, but I think I chose him because of his kind smile.

When the day came at last, I was a nervous mess. However, my first impressions about Nick weren’t wrong (and he was also much more handsome than in the pictures). He was amazingly patient and understanding and really made me feel at ease and helped me let go of my inhibitions.

I feel so lucky my first time has been with such a caring, lovely man. Everything went better that I could have ever imagined. I turned 26 two days before our encounter, and I must say that it has been the best birthday gift I’ve had in a long time. The only regret I have about the whole thing is that he may have set the bar too high, haha.

I cannot thank you all enough! B.



Hi Both,

I would like to start out by saying that Nick was highly professional, friendly, understanding, passionate, a good conversationalist and most importantly extremely experienced at what he does.

It’s taken a few days to write this review because I am still on an emotional high but please pass on my utmost thanks to Nick for making me a woman.

I was more nervous for this date than I can remember ever being for anything throughout my entire life, but this date was not only a test to myself, but a journey I had decided I had to make on the 1st Jan 2017 if I was ever to feel ‘good’ about myself. Having been sexually abused as a teenager, it has taken decades to deal with my fear of men and sex. My mind and body have been shut down to the opposite sex all my adult life; touch, smell, intimacy were completely out of the question. In fact I nearly pulled out in the final hours but for the support of a fab friend.

Nick had the capacity to relieve me of these fears within minutes of meeting me. He suggested a fully body massage, which eased into the inevitable, however, there was no real awkwardness and for the first time in my life I relaxed in the presence of the opposite sex and enjoyed his company.

Nick will never be forgotten, I feel that this whole experience has now been tattooed into my memories forever.

Thank you for your services and ultimately for your recommendation in Nick.

If there were other words I could use to express how this has already impacted my life I would use them. What I can honestly say is that my physical quest is over, I now just need to keep working on my emotional wellbeing which is in a far better place today than it was before I met up with Nick.

I am more than happy for you to anonymously upload my feedback to your website. It is actually as a result of reading another lady’s review that gave me the courage to book someone myself. Her circumstances seemed similar to mine and I DEEPLY admired her courage. Her actions consolidated my actions.


Daan en Nick


Dear Gisele & Erwin,
I hope you are doing well. Once again we would like to thank you for making our trip a wonderful time and even more amazing than we expected.
The escorts Daan and Nick you suggested were great! Knowing how to execute their job at the highest level.
Daan is a classy person and very professional, so attentive and caring,being with him is a real fun time!
As for Nick he is a very funny guy! He made us feel that we know him long time ago, an expert guy who knows how to please the clients by all means.
Thank you once again for all your cooperation and we are looking forward for our next trip definitely.