What are the possibilities with an escort?

What are the possibilities with a gigolo?

The possibilities with a gigolo are almost unlimited: An exciting sex date, a night out, a cozy intimate evening at your home, a dinner date, and so on. It is just what you want it to be, because it is all about what you want, and that differs from person to person. A gigolo is there to give you a good time, just the way you want it. So what you can expect from a gigolo is what you indicate you want!

Can a gigolo guarantee you an orgasm?

No, there is never an orgasm guarantee. But of course the chances of that are much higher when you are with an attractive sexy man. The setting also plays an important role, so consciously choose either at your home or a hotel. Some escort men also carry special “toys” that can help. Finally, foreplay and thus ample lead time is important.

What are the do’s and don’ts of a gigolo?

A gigolo offers many options but does not do: illegal acts, unsafe sexual acts, extremes, or where minors or animals are involved. Other than that, all common sexual acts are possible. Hygiene for both is always a requirement.

Does a gigolo kiss?

Yes, a real high class gigolo definitely does.

Are photos or film recordings of an escort allowed?

In principle, yes, but to do so, the escort in question must also personally give permission when he is with you, and the gigolo must be unrecognizable in the picture. It goes without saying that the recordings must remain exclusively for private use.

Doesn’t a gigolo put on a play when he’s with me?

We can be short and clear about that: no. A real escort is one by nature, he doesn’t have to pretend. Besides, acting would not work, a woman does not fall for that. And of course, faking excitement is not something a man can do either. TMC’s gigolos are selected, among other things, to be “real,” give heartfelt compliments, and enjoy giving a woman the best experience possible. This is not a trait that very many men possess, and it is one of the reasons that of the thousands of applicants each year, only a few get a profile with TMC.

Can I have direct contact with an escort?

Direct contact with an escort is only possible with escort men who advertise for themselves. However, both clients and the gigolos themselves usually find their own discretion very important, which is why direct contact between client and escort is not among the possibilities at TMC. If you have questions or wishes or want more information about a particular escort man you can always easily contact TMC. Another advantage is that TMC gives honest and objective advice which escort man suits you best, because TMC only has an interest in you being satisfied in the end.