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The Men’s Company (TMC) was founded 2009 and since then has evolved to the nr 1 High Class Gigolo Agency for Europe. The Men’s Company is a fully licensed professional Male Escort Service and led by an international team of both experienced men and women.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the best executive straight male escort service for women and couples worldwide, in a 100% professional and discrete way.

A gigolo date is about senses and emotions. Small details are of great importance. Our gigolos and escorts are therefore selected very carefully out of thousands of applications per year. We want our clients to feel comfortable and at ease at any time. That means our clients should experience their date in a natural way. Therefore we strongly believe our male and female escorts should really love and enjoy their job! Genuine and professional escort companions, no fake or old pictures, and no drivers at the door. If wanted we book your hotel room on our name and without extra charges for you.

Your privacy

Your privacy is very important to you, as it is to us and to our gigolo’s and male escorts. We are fully aware of that. Your privacy is absolutely safe with us and 100% guaranteed. You don’t need to use your own name, a first name or pseudonym is sufficient. It’s your choice if, when and how we may contact you back.

Besides our direct communication your data will never be used anywhere or any time again. It goes without saying that under no circumstances your data will be used for third parties.

Male Escort possibilities

Male Escort possibilities are extensive. If wanted we are more than happy to advice you about all possibilities and about the best choice of your companion, as we know all of our escorts personally. The Men’s Company also provides customized service like international and intercontinental bookings, hotel and event reservations, tickets, nightlife tour guiding in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, visits of the world’s most famous erotic clubs like the Fun4two in Holland, or visits of Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, London, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Brussels, Antwerp, Madrid, Barcelona, Zürich, Paris, Vienna, Venice or Ibiza.

Gigolo rates

Gigolo rates vary. Each male escort has its own rate, shown on his profile. All rates are always tax included and all in. This means there will never be any unexpected extras. Just traveling expenses, tickets et cetera will be charged extra.

Our High Class Escort Service is specialized in bookings by couples M-F. We offer couples the services of experienced, reliable and respectful male escorts. For our gigolo’s and male escorts there is no surcharge for couples M-F for threesomes!

Payment methods for Gigolo Services

The Men’s Company is a professional Escort Agency and distinguishes in quality and guarantees. You and we both appreciate to be sure a booking will actually take place, that’s why we always require a deposit (prepayment) of a part of the total fee. The rest of the fee can be paid in cash to the gigolo of your choice. Please check the available payment methods for our gigolo services.

If you prefer only cash payment we also accept cash payments through Western Union (limited amount).

If wanted we can send you an invoice by email.

During and after your date

Everything is settled before your date. During your date you can completely relax and surrender to your personal desires. There will only be time for romance and excitement!

The gigolo and escort woman of your choice and our Escort Agency value good relationships with you. The Men’s Company has an excellent reputation. We are proud of nearly 100% satisfaction of our clients, and we highly appreciate your feedback and evaluation after your date.

Reviews of our clients

Some of our clients have given permission to publish their reviews, always anonymously. Please read the authentic reviews of our clients in the profiles on our website! It may also help you to select the right escort man for you.

See our VIP Gigolo’s and escort women.

You can also book your favorite date.

Become a gigolo

The Men’s Company is since 2009 the number one Gigolo Agency for the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and worldwide. We offer escort services on the highest level. That means recruitment of escorts is extremely important for us and we spend lots of time on this matter. Our High Class Escort Agency receive several thousands of applications each year from all parts of Europe and the world of men who want to become a gigolo.

Requirements for our companions

If you are interested in becoming a gigolo or High Class Companion at our Escort Service you should be aware that the requirements for our companions are extensive. Of course you should be attractive and looking good, but also have an excellent conversation and a proper education. Your age is between 25 and 55. Most of all, high class male escorts should perfectly understand women and how to attract them.

The Men’s Company offers a great job as a free lance male escort. Absolute discretion is guaranteed. We acquire and arrange your bookings and your trips to clients, and you are always free to accept or refuse the booking.

Training for gigolos

Training for gigolos is quite useless, as you have the abilities to be a high class male escort or you don’t, it’s that simple. But if you are really qualified we are motivated to get your performance on the highest possible level. For this reason we offer free personal coaching where needed during your practice as a male escort at our agency.

Applications for High Class Male Escort

If you want to apply please don’t call us but first read more about the gigolo job

Contact us simply, directly and discrete

Contact us is very easy. There is no need to register, for information or bookings you can contact us directly and discrete and without any obligations, by telephone, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS text message, email or contact form, every day between 11.00 and 23.00 CET. Bookings worldwide 24-7.