Unique guarantee of satisfaction when booking a male escort

The high class male escort services of The Men’s Company offers the most attractive and stylish escort men.
Thanks to our unique and intensive recruitment and selection process, you can be sure to find the best and nicest escort men with whom you will feel at ease.

The profiles on our website always contain correct information. The personal descriptions of the gigolos are carefully crafted, the photos are correct (i.e. the gigolo is exactly as in his photos), and the anonymous reviews of clients have been literally taken over and placed by us with their permission.

As a result, it is virtually certain that a gigolo from The Men’s Company is never disappointing in reality.

We also like to concretely pass on this assurance to our new customers. You therefore have – exclusively at The Men’s Company – a guarantee of satisfaction!

What does the guarantee cover
If you are not satisfied despite all our good care, you should not pay the gigolo the agreed amount for the entire booking, but only for the time he was actually with you, as well as his travel expenses.

Warranty conditions
To claim this guarantee it is necessary that you inform the gigolo as early as possible during the booking that you are not satisfied. You clearly communicate this to him and honestly tell him the reason(s). This is absolutely necessary, if you do not do this we can’t do anything for you afterwards.

Also inform us within 24 hours after the booking, with the reason(s). You can call us for this, or send us an E-Mail or Whatsapp or Telegram message.

The Men’s Company has many satisfied customers, and welcomes you as a new customer!