Where and how can I find an escort?

What is a gigolo or male escort?

According to Wikipedia, a gigolo is a (male) prostitute. It usually refers to a man who provides sexual services to women for a fee. However, it can also simply refer to companionship, or homosexual prostitution. Other words for gigolo are: male escort, escort man, escort gentleman, companion man.

What kind of gigolos and male escorts are there?

What kind of gigolos and male escorts are there? If you want to find a gigolo, you can distinguish three categories to begin with:

  1. The wannabees and amateurs who advertise on all kinds of websites,
  2. The self-employed with their own websites,
  3. The professionals from a specialized gigolo agency.

The first group is by far the largest. Many thousands of men would like to become a gigolo, or pretend to, and place an ad for themselves somewhere on a website. This is usually done for a fee. There are thousands of such websites worldwide. These websites exist from the payment for the ads on their website, and so they do not look at the quality and reliability of those gigolos. There is no strict selection, nor are the gentlemen checked. The level is often low. Few women book here.
The second group is very small, there are only a few who persevere for years to make their website slowly known on the internet. They mainly have regular customers.
The third group is also quite small, comprising only a few dozen strictly selected gigolos who are mainly affiliated with High Class Gigolo agency The Men’s Company (TMC), the only specialized international high class gigolo agency.

How and where can I find an escort?

In any case, to find an escort you have to rely on the internet because there are no gigolo clubs or “gigolo brothels. As mentioned earlier, there are many portal websites (portals) that contain paid ads and profiles of men. That has nothing to do with real gigolos. The level, quality and reliability of those men, is not best. The men place and pay for their own ads, and there is no selection or control. Of course you can try to arrange something with a man there, but if you succeed at all it takes a lot of time and effort. You also run all kinds of risks such as the man does not show up (we often hear that) or the photos do not match and he is very disappointing in reality.
The really attractive and stylish male escorts are affiliated with a specialized gigolo agency like TMC. Those men are of course usually more expensive, but they are very carefully selected and screened. Finding and booking a gigolo there is also much faster, and you also get honest advice, as well as assurances and guarantees that it will not be a disappointment.

What distinguishes the escorts of TMC?

TMC has the strictest gigolo selection standards in the escort market and selects on lots of features. Of course the escort gentlemen must be really good looking, after all TMC wants to offer only the most attractive and stylish escort gentlemen. But there are also many personal qualities that new gigolos must always have, such as: reliability, discretion, empathy, being correct and respectful, being authentic and genuine, having a good standard, being communicatively strong, and so on. Thus, you can always be sure that every escort man from TMC meets all these requirements.

Are there any similar agencies to TMC?

We can be very brief about that: no, there are no comparable specialized high class gigolo agencies. In fact, the market is too small for that. Some websites want to look like an objective and competent agency, but in reality they are not at all. You will soon find out that you are on your own when you have to contact their gigolo directly. So then it is a portal after all, where men have to pay money for a profile, so there is no advice, selection, supervision or assurances. Their revenue model is to make as much money as possible from men who post a profile on their website. An agency like TMC earns only from actual bookings, and is therefore quite selective in its recruitment and selection.

Is there much difference between male escorts?

If you go looking for a gigolo you will find that there is a lot of difference between them. The wannabees and amateurs just find it exciting or cool to place an ad somewhere, and often ask for a small fee. This has nothing to do with real gigolos. Whether they are good and suitable is highly doubtful. As a woman, you have no certainty whether he will show up, and if so whether his photos match reality. That’s where things very often go wrong already. And what about unsafe sex, unwanted emotions or the stalking risk afterwards.
With an independent escort with his own website you can usually rely on more professionalism and quality. But with such a gigolo you still have a disadvantage; because you have no discretion. After all, you have direct contact with him and he with you, and so he has your contact information.
Only if you book a gigolo through a specialized agency will you have maximum guarantees and securities. You then know that such a gigolo is screened, reliable, discreet and good. The advantage is also that one can then advise you if you want, and that is common. The gigolos from a specialized agency are logically more expensive though.

What makes a good escort?

Of course, judging a lover is subjective, but for a true escort, it is always true that he must be empathetic, reliable, discreet, respectful, correct, intelligent, charming and sexy, as well as simply likable. And, of course, experienced and good at sex. He must understand how a woman thinks and feels, he must have it in him to put her at ease and make her feel safe and secure. He must be able to please her, whoever she is and however she looks. Without acting, but simply by being himself.
Of course, all these qualities are not easily found in one man. That is why it is sometimes said: you cannot become a real escort, either you are or you are not. There are very few such true gigolos. That is why TMC accepts only a few of the thousands of applicants each year as new escort.

How to recognize a good male escort?

But how do you recognize a good male escort then? As is true for much, cheap is often expensive. So the rate is already a first indication. The higher the price, the more likely the gigolo has qualities and is not offering his services just to get an adventure. Furthermore, you can also already tell a lot from the communication: is it neat, is there good language, showing understanding, clear and honest, responding to the need, and so on. Ask what kind of work he does. Find and read gigolo reviews. All in all, it should make you feel good and confident! Feel free to go by your gut, which is generally a very reliable indicator.

What kind of men are escorts?

There are no gigolos in Europe who can live on that; no matter how good and attractive they are. The earnings are too uncertain for that. It is always a secondary income, and all of them therefore have other incomes as well. It is striking, however, that the best and most successful gigolos often have a good education and job, or their own business. Intelligence and success are sexy traits for women. Privately, many are single but there are also, for example, ordinary house fathers among them with wives and children. In any case, they are not men with exorbitant lifestyles. It is really a misconception that gigolos just hop from one to another for a game of sex. A high libido or a very muscular appearance hardly adds value to a male escort. Personal qualities such as: Trustworthiness, empathy, charm, style, EQ, and IQ are much more important.