Why book an escort man or male companion?

Why should I pay money for an escort man?

Of course you don’t have to do anything, but if you are willing to pay for it, then you buy a lot of security with an escort man: that your date will be a success, that he is correct and reliable, that it will be safe, that you are the center of attention and not him, that he really performs in bed, and also that he will leave on time and not stick around.
At least this applies to a real escort man, because there are a lot of wannabees out there. Look at all those ads on all those so-called web portals, where you have to contact the man in question directly yourself (goodbye discretion, goodbye advice), and where the gentlemen sometimes have to pay money to the website themselves for their ad. That also says something. So usually they are not particularly attractive men, with bad texts including spelling mistakes, and rates so low that you’d be better off having a few wines on a terrace for it.
Why should you book a real escort man? Here are the most common reasons:

  • He is screened and trustworthy, you know what you’re getting (in house or in your hotel room)
  • You are sure you will have a nice evening
  • The one night stands are often a disappointment
  • He leaves on time, when you want him to
  • No exchanging phone numbers, it stays discreet
  • No risk of a stalker
  • No unwanted crushes
  • He is hygienic
  • He does it safe
  • He is empathetic
  • He does not drink alcohol excessively
  • He performs in bed
  • He is not pushy, you are always in control
  • He doesn’t think of himself, because you are central
  • You have trouble finding the right bed partner for whatever reason
  • You are afraid to have sex because of unpleasant experiences

Are there many women who book an escort?

That’s not too bad. There are indeed many thousands of women in the Netherlands who regularly book or have booked an escort, but even then you end up with only a fairly small percentage of all women. Media would sometimes have you believe that half of the Netherlands is involved with gigolos. This is true in that a lot of women do find the subject particularly interesting and want to read and see all about it. For that reason, The Men’s Company has contributed to many articles and radio and TV broadcasts about gigolos. Research has also shown that 50% of all Dutch women think it is a good thing that gigolos exist, and that they themselves would consider booking a gigolo on occasion. So the will is there, but actually booking an escort is often still a step.

What kind of women book an escort?

There is no general picture to paint of women who book an escort. The women who book a gigolo are simply a cross-section of society, so very different among themselves. They have very different reasons for booking a paid date. Their ages range from 18 to in their sixties, with those in their thirties and forties being slightly in the majority. Their financial situation also hardly plays a role. Many are single, and a few are married or committed.
So it is a big misconception that a woman who books an escort is often a bit older, not so attractive, and has a lot of money. On the contrary, many women are actually quite good-looking and have no desire to receive endless messages from pushy men on dating sites, for example, or to muddle through with disappointing one night stands.

I find booking an escort man very exciting…

Then you’re not the only one, because almost all women think so. And in the end, of course, positive tension is what you want, otherwise you might as well not do it… Tension is just part of it! An escort man, a real one, has precisely the characteristic that he focuses exclusively on you, and therefore nothing happens that you don’t want. You are “in control” every minute of the date. You can sense that, and therefore you will quickly lose your nervousness. Furthermore, you can consider booking a little more time, so that you do not feel any time pressure and thus have every opportunity to become more relaxed and laid back first. Being relaxed is important, otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy yourself!

I am disabled, can I still book an escort man?

Yes you can book an escort man as a disabled person, as long as you are clear and honest about your disability from the beginning.

Is it a good idea to book an escort man to get more sexual experience?

It depends. Of course, young girls still have plenty of time and opportunity to gain sexual experience. But for a very insecure woman or for the somewhat less young woman, it can be a godsend, for example, if she has not had many bed partners and wants to become a little more sure of herself.

I used to be sexually abused, and haven’t had sex since then

It may be surprising to you but this is very common for us at TMC. It is not hard to imagine that a woman with such a traumatic experience can have great difficulty feeling safe and comfortable again in the company of a man. Let alone to be intimate with a man again and be able to enjoy it. In overcoming such psychological barriers, a gigolo can play a very important role. There are many stories on the Internet of women who have a traumatic past and have booked a gigolo. They are often frank and moving stories and it is very special to read that in almost all cases it turned out well for these women!
Do you have such an experience, would you like to close that for yourself, take a step in the right direction, so you can start enjoying intimacy again, then we would like to invite you to send us an
email or Whatsapp message. This is allowed anonymously, and of course your discretion is always guaranteed.

How does it work if I’m still a virgin?

Booking an escort man for your first time is absolutely possible at TMC, of course provided you are of age. And it happens quite regularly. Over the years, many women have reported to TMC who were in their twenties, thirties or forties and for whom a reliable and experienced ecort man was a godsend. We don’t ask about their exact reason. What is always most important, however, is that you choose the right escort man, so that that first time becomes a nice experience that you can always look back on with pleasure.
This is why we are extra attentive and advise you very carefully when requesting a deflowering. After we know more about you (which preferences in terms of type of man you have, for example), we come to the best possible match. Because especially for a first time, the patience, empathy of the escort man, and the relaxed atmosphere, are essential. To increase the chance that the most suitable man is actually available, we advise you to book the desired man well in advance (at least 2 to 3 weeks). The duration of the date also plays a role, because you must first be able to feel relaxed and at ease. Then at least 3 to 4 hours is really recommended.

I am insecure in bed, can an escort man do anything for me?

Definitely yes, although again the personality of the escort man is very important. He must understand and sense the woman’s insecurities, and must be able to respond well to them. The woman receives heartfelt compliments and is completely at the center of the date.

I am not very handsome, does an escort man actually want me?

This question is frequently asked but is not really important at all. Because really good escort men all have the characteristic that their goal is to give a woman (any woman) a good time and make her enjoy herself. Regardless of what she looks like. However, that trait is quite rare among men. That is one of the many reasons why at TMC the selection of all those thousands of candidates who apply for escort man every year is so strict.

Can I also book an escort man for company or a dinner date, i.e. without sex?

Yes of course you can, sex is not a must. Escort men are just nice, sympathetic and sociable companions who know how to behave well. So you can plan a dinner date, visit an event, or just go out together. You can then decide for yourself during the date whether you want to be intimate with him later. By the way, experience shows that this almost always happens.

I want to try a threesome with two men

Very exciting, and certainly a lot of fun when it’s two men you can choose for yourself. And very nice if you prefer not to involve people from your surroundings in this. Not all escort men are available for a threesome MMV, but feel free to ask who is, and for example how large they are.

We are a couple M and F, is a threesome with an escort man something for us?

That’s certainly a possibility. About half of all bookings at The Men’s Company are from a couple M-F who want a threesome with a nice reliable man for once! So this really is a trend. You can have the escort man come to your home, or rent a hotel room although the latter will of course cost you more.
Why would you as a couple get an escort man? Usually just because you want to have an extra exciting time together, and to make your fantasy come true. Nothing wrong with that. Think of it as an upgrade. A daring one, of course, but if you’re up to it, an escort man is always much safer and more charming than desperately scamming up a guy in a bar or on a shabby website. Because logically, the latter thinks primarily of himself. And don’t forget the STDs, poor hygiene, non-performance, risk of emotional attachment, risk of an unsympathetic or pushy guy, or he didn’t get it and sticks around… and so on. All reasons to have your evening ruined. Don’t want to! With a professional escort man, you avoid all that try and error. It does cost more, but at least you can be sure that your wonderful evening will be a real success!