Join The Men’s Company as a high class male escort

The Men’s Company, established in 2009, stands as Europe’s premier high-class straight male escort agency, offering unparalleled escort services to discerning women and couples globally. Our reputation for excellence hinges on our selective recruitment process, as we seek to onboard only the finest companions who embody attractiveness, intelligence, and sophistication.

Becoming a male escort

Are you thinking about starting a career as a male escort? This role is hugely coveted and is not for every man. At The Men’s Company, we are constantly looking for the cream of the crop. We choose from thousands of applications each year from interested parties from all over Europe. Our selection procedure is meticulous; we set high standards for both your personality and physical appearance. This is in line with our policy of offering only the most attractive and stylish high class male escorts.

If you are considering becoming a male escort, we advise you to read this page carefully before sending an email to us.

Please note! Registration is by email only.
It is not possible to sign up via Whatsapp or Telegram. Calling is also pointless.

About The Men’s Company

The Men’s Company (TMC) is known as a leading, professional company, unique in offering heterosexual high class male escorts throughout Europe and beyond. With the most attractive male escorts in over 14 countries and multilingual websites, we rank high in search engines. As the market leader in Europe, we have extensive knowledge of the market.

The core of our success lies in understanding female preferences in male companionship. Thanks to this knowledge and insight, The Men’s Company has built an extensive, loyal client base since 2009.

As a result of our international approach, we have bookings all over the world. These international bookings are often the most interesting. Our male escorts must therefore be willing to travel.

At The Men’s Company, we do not sell empty promises. We do not charge our male escorts money for creating a profile or photos, nor do we offer useless courses or certificates for a fee. We are an honest company with no fluff, where bookings take place daily.

Courses, training and coaching

The male escort profession has great appeal for many men. Therefore, there are companies and individuals looking to make money by offering information days, DVDs, and pointless courses and certificates, often with incorrect information and overly optimistic prospects.

We are transparent and honest about the profession: while training and coaching can be helpful, male escort work is not something you can just learn. You need certain basic qualities. The Men’s Company distances itself from providers of such courses and training.

At The Men’s Company, the focus is on quality. We do not aim to maximise the number of male escorts, but select only the very best. This ensures that we can live up to our satisfaction guarantee to our demanding customers. This is why we select only a small number of applicants for profiles every year.

If you are chosen, we offer extensive guidance, including the tricks of the trade. We define your target audience and design a carefully tailored profile. We invest a lot of time in selection and guidance, which sets us apart in the market.

Cooperation based on freedom and independence

Our cooperation is open, honest, professional and based on maximum freedom and independence. We work together on an equal level and strive for satisfied clients and male escorts.
Our cooperation can be terminated at any time. But that rarely happens, many of our escorts have been working for us for many years. Unlike other agencies, we do not enter into contracts with complicated legal terms. You are free to refuse requests or clients and you decide how to handle your earnings fiscally. With us, your discretion is always guaranteed.

Male escort job with the highest earnings at The Men’s Company

We offer the highest earnings in the industry for several reasons:

• No subscription fee or other charges, including photography, courses, attributes such as lubricants or toys, etc.
• Direct and cash payment to you by clients.
• No bank transactions between you and us for optimal discretion and tax advantages.
• No invoices or records in your name for discretion and convenience.
• An advantageous split of the total fee between you and us, better than elsewhere.
• Higher travel allowance than usual in the market.
• Because we always require an upfront payment from clients, you never go to a booking in vain.

Other advantages starting your career at The Men’s Company

As a male escort at The Men’s Company, you work independently and manage your own schedule. You have complete freedom to refuse requests or wishes from clients. You choose which clients you accept or reject.

We create a professional profile in consultation with you. If you want we only publish your photos unrecognisable so your discretion will be guaranteed. We maintain your profile. Your profile is placed on our website with global visibility. We engage in active international SEO marketing to promote both our website and your profile. You benefit from our market reach and our 14 years of knowledge and experience at The Men’s Company. With The Men’s Company, you have the best chance of getting attractive bookings, even internationally.

We aim for you to be successful, which is also in our interest. So we offer coaching and expert personal advice both before and after your start as a male escort with us, free of charge. This helps you to continuously develop and improve yourself.

Requirements for working as a high class male escort

To work as a male escort, you must meet some essential requirements.

You must be willing to have intimate contact with clients. Good conversation skills, life experience, and good education and manners are essential for a high class male escort.

In addition, personal hygiene is crucial for a male escort, especially since you may have intimate contact with clients. Although you always have the right to refuse a client, this never actually happens. Great empathy is required to provide clients with a pleasant and relaxing experience and ensure that they are satisfied after the appointment. A positive attitude is essential and you must have a correct and respectful manner at all times.

Our male escorts are “the most attractive and stylish men”, and therefore our clients are also among the most attractive women, which of course makes bookings extra pleasurable for our male escorts. More detailed information on exactly what to expect will be provided at a later stage.

There are no strict age limits. If you are between 21 and 55 years old, you can qualify. In addition, you must be able to provide a recent STD and HIV test. If you have an STD or HIV, you cannot become a male escort at The Men’s Company.

Apply as a male escort

With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to the satisfaction of both our clients and male escorts, The Men’s Company invites you to embark on a prestigious and fulfilling career as a high-class male escort. We look forward to your application and the possibility of welcoming you into our esteemed team.

Signing up as a male escort is easy, non-binding and discreet. If you are interested and think you have the necessary qualities, we invite you to send us an e-mail.

Our selection procedure includes e-mail contact, a telephone interview and a personal introductory meeting. We assess your skills and if you get a profile on our websites, there is no charge. You are self-employed with complete freedom. Discretion is 100% guaranteed with us.

All information and photos provided by you are guaranteed to be kept strictly confidential, and will only be displayed in your profile with your permission.

We would like to have the following information from you in your e-mail: name and address and telephone number (mandatory), age, height, weight, marital status, place of residence, education, current profession, relevant experience, and your motivation.

Please attach at least 5 clear and recent photos that you consider suitable for your profile. The photos should be of high quality (minimum 600KB per photo and maximum 10 MB per photo), without filter or blur or other editing, of your face and body, not naked, not smoking or drinking, without headgear, without sunglasses, without other persons in it, neatly dressed (casual or with jacket), and smiling or friendly looking (so not angry or arrogant or too macho).

We are looking forward to your email! Team The Men’s Company