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Male escort booking

Male escort booking is easy. Would you like to plan a date with an escort, or discuss the possibilities, or do you want some more information first? You do not have to register with us, please just simply contact one of our team members.

You can do this by using this form, or by means of the following:

E-mail: [email protected]

Telephone, Text message or WhatsApp:
+31 (0) 6 54 686 473

Att: Use of this form is free and without any obligation. We always respond as quickly as possible. If you don’t receive our email within 24 hours please check your spam folder!

If you want to become a male escort, please don’t call us or don’t send us a WhatsApp message or don’t use this form, but first read more about the gigolo job.

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Use of the contact form or email is free.
After receiving we will inform you about the costs and other details. Then you can decide to make your booking.


You can simply make a booking by telephone, email, whatsapp, text message or use the contact form. Your booking will be completed by paying the prepayment (deposit).


Payments must always be made partial in advance (deposit). We will inform you about the required deposit when you make the booking. Please note that the prepayment we provide you, must be paid to us within 24  hours. After receiving your payment we will instantly confirm your booking. The rest amount can be paid in cash to your escort.

Your choice of (pre)payment:

  • Your prepayment (deposit) can be made quickly, easily and secured by Mastercard, VISA and MAESTRO creditcards online through our website (see below), however we have to charge you with 5% extra, due to the costs of the creditcard acquirer. The payment by credit card takes place in the 3D-Secure mode, in a maximum safe and secured way. The recipient will appear on your bank statement just as “All Sensez BV” and a code number, so no association with our services.
  • If you have a Dutch bank account you can also pay by iDeal, without charges, in the same way as by creditcard.
  • A regular international bank transfer. We will inform you about our bank account.
  • If you prefer only cash payment we accept several methods, please ask us for more information.

The rest amount can be paid in cash to the escort at the beginning of the date.

1. Please enter the amount of your payment below, in EURO, and proceed by clicking the button Complete payment.


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