Why women hire a male escort

Why women hire an escort male from our Gigolo services can be easily explained. For most women and couples in the Netherlands the possibility of hiring gigolos is by now well known. Also the media regularly pays a lot of attention to it. The Men’s Company has already contributed to many media inland and abroad. Read here some media articles by and about our gigolos or watch here some of the TV programs with an escort man from our Gigolo services.

Customized male companionship has become easily accessible with our exclusive Gigolo services. The fact that more and more women and couples are turning to hiring male companionship is a logical consequence of trends in our society. Women are self-confident and independent, and know what they want. The modern woman anno nowadays is in the middle of life and knows her own value. She dares to be herself and to express her desires. The Men’s Company fulfills these personal desires and provides tailor-made advice on choosing the right man.

Customized male companionship is available to women and couples

Gigolo services for couples, and for single, married or bonded women

Gigolo services are available for couples, and for women who are single, married or bonded. These women are often worldly, confident, stylish and not infrequently attractive themselves. Women of all ages and from all social strata of our society, from BN-ers to businesswomen or housewives. Some of them are single, but there are also many ladies who are married or tied who miss some excitement in their daily lives. Women who are still virgins, or women with a special personal history. But there are also more and more couples who call on our Gigolo services for an exciting threesome. Every customer can count on absolutely guaranteed discretion.

Why hire a High Class Escort Man?

There are men enough, right? Yes and no. Of course it takes little effort to find a man in the pub or on a dating site who wants an adventure for free. But where do you start … is he really who he says he is, is he reliable, does he really do it safely, how is he in bed, doesn’t he linger, doesn’t he go looking for you on social media, doesn’t an unwanted crush occur…? Not to mention all the effort, time and also money it takes. Tiring! In the end, of course, such a man may turn out to be better than expected, but the chances of disappointment are many times higher! Hiring a High Class Escort man is the solution.

Cheating with a paid man

Cheating with a paid man is the easiest and safest way to have an intimate adventure. Many women want to upgrade their sex life without risking any emotional attachments or nasty hassles. Especially for those women who do not want to jeopardize their marriage or relationship but want more excitement and eroticism, an exclusive gigolo from our Gigolo services is a godsend. After all, the client is sure that the man will leave again after the agreed time and the privacy of both client and man is guaranteed. But of course single women who finally want their ultimate fantasy to come true are also very welcome with us.

Women experience their sexuality differently

Women experience their sexuality, in part, differently from men. Women generally pay more attention to the overall picture, the conversation, his appearance, the atmosphere. A woman is sensitive to being loved and admired. The escort men we offer are fully aware of this and act accordingly. They respect and compliment the woman, putting her at ease where necessary. Our escort men are charming, they are not actors but “real” and themselves, also on this they are selected by The Men’s Company.

Don’t want dating sites or pubs any longer? It can all be much easier.

Listen to yourself. Go only for the pleasures and not for the burdens…! And let a High Class escort from The Men’s Company surprise you!